E-Bulletin March 2024

IALA WWA Technical Mission to Guatemala

The IALA WWA Programme Manager, Mrs Delanoye, conducted a technical needs assessments mission on the Aids to Navigation and VTS Service Delivery in Guatemala. This mission generated a technical report with recommendations for the government and ports on how to enhance this service to full international standard and to fulfil their international obligations under SOLAS Chapter 5 Reg. 12&13. At arrival she met several Ministries and they showed a clear commitment to enhance the safety of navigation in their country.

Mrs. Delanoye was accompanied by James Crawford IALA Councillor of Chile, who was not only the translator, but also a very experienced coast guard officer and international AtoN expert. The local point of contact is Hugo Estuardo Recinos Carpio. He is an IALA WWA Alumni as he participated in the L1 AtoN Manager course in Suriname and now holds an International Certificate of Competency. He did great and is a real IALA ambassador in his country.

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