E-Bulletin June 2024

Republic of Korea

Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries120 years of Palmido Lighthouse

News has been received that Palmido Lighthouse, the first modern lighthouse of South Korea, had achieved its 120th anniversary with a commemorative ceremony.

On 1 June this year South Korea’s first modern lighthouse, Palmido Lighthouse, on Palmido Island celebrated its 120th anniversary. The island is located 15km from Incheon Port, the second largest port in South Korea and the venue of the 19th IALA Conference in 2018.

One hundred people attended the anniversary ceremony and included the Administrator of the Incheon Regional office of Oceans and Fisheries, former and current Lighthouse Keepers, local dignitaries and guests.

Various events were held as part of the commemoration and included the lighting of the old lighthouse and a special lecture on board.

Following the lighthouse lighting ceremony, the original lighthouse dating from 1903, and which had been replaced by a new larger light in 2003, was illuminated until the following day’s sunrise.

In a special lecture, Professor Kim Jong-Hun from Pai Chai University of South Korea, vice-chair of the IALA Lighthouse Heritage forum, delivered a lecture titled Sea Star – Lighthouse on the history and significance of lighthouses. Palmido Lighthouse will continue to mark the Incheon fairway and serve as a venue for a music festival, providing citizens with an enjoyable experience.

Rapporteur: Paul Ridgway

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