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Seminar on the use of the IALA Risk Managment Toolbox

IALA held a training seminar on the use of the IALA Risk Management Toolbox was held during 20th – 24th May 2019, at its Headquarters in Saint Germaine-enLaye, FranceThe aim of the seminar was to present participants with the concepts of risk management, the importance of stakeholder liaison and the value of the four IALA Risk Management Tools: IALA Waterway Risk Assessment Program (IWRAP MkII); Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment tool (PAWSA MkII); Simplified IALA Risk Assessment (SIRA) and; Simulation, in waterway planning. Discussions during the seminar were based on the following: 

  1. IALA Standard S1010 – Marine Aids to Navigation Planning and Service Requirements  
  1. IALA Recommendation R1002 – Risk Management for Marine Aids to Navigation 
  1. IALA Guideline 1018 – Risk Management 
  1. IALA Guideline 1058 – The use of simulation as a tool for waterway design and AtoN planning  
  1. IALA Guideline 1123 – The use of IWRAP Mk2  
  1. IALA Guideline 1124 – the use of PAWSA  
  1. IALA Guideline 1138 – The use of SIRA 

 This Seminar was attended by 20 participants from 14 countries. Each participant benefited from experiential learning during the theoretical and practical training delivered by world experts, in different aspects of the Toolbox. Upon successful completion of the seminar, participants gained the knowledge and skill needed to use IWRAP MkII within their organisationsorganise a PAWSA MkII or SIRA seminar and recognize the benefits of applying Simulations to develop effective AtoN waterway designs and therefore reduce risks in maritime navigation.  

 The full report of this seminar is available in the Reports and Proceedings section of the Website. 

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