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Training Seminar on the IALA Risk Management Toolbox

The IALA World-Wide Academy, will run a training seminar on the IALA Risk Management Toolbox – IWRAP Mk2; PAWSA and Simulation – from 20 – 24 May 2019 at IALA Headquarters in Saint Germain-en-Laye, France.

The seminar will provide an international overview of risk management stressing the importance of stakeholder liaison before demonstrating the value of the four IALA Risk Management Tools – IWRAP Mk 2; PAWSA, SIRA and Simulation in waterway planning. Participants will benefit from both theoretical and practical training delivered by world experts in different aspects of the toolbox.

The seminar aims to enable participants to experience the capability of the IALA Risk Management Toolbox. Specifically, it will:

  • describe the role of IALA; the importance of stakeholder liaison and the obligations placed on States under SOLAS Chapter V
  • introduce the IALA Risk Management Toolbox
  • explain the development, principles and use of IWRAP Mk2 before guiding participants through increasingly complex practical applications
  • describe the development and use of PAWSA and its five Workbooks before demonstrating its use in a regional scenario
  • explain the background to SIRA and demonstrate its application in a range of scenarios
  • describe the use of simulators for ship applications and waterway design including modelling the most effective AtoN within that waterway
  • describe the interaction between IALA Risk Management Tools in a regional scenario and the human resource and cost implications generated by selected risk mitigation measures
  • use a panel of experts to consolidate an understanding of the Risk Management Toolbox

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