E-Bulletin March 2024


The 43rd Session of the VTS Committee was held at IALA Headquarters from 20 to 24 March 2017.

78 Delegates from 29 countries, 3 sister organisations and 1 observer participated in VTS43. Significantly, this included 22 participants for the first time;

This was the sixth meeting for the 2014-2018 Work Programme and the VTS Committee considered 67 input papers and produced 20 output papers of three Working Groups.

Key outputs included:

  • Completion of a draft output proposal to the IMO for a review of IMO Resolution A.857(20) Guidelines for Vessel Traffic Services. As stated in the IALA VTS Strategy the document was forwarded to Council for approval.
    • After approval, the Secretariat is requested to forward the draft document to IALA national members for their consideration as the basis for sponsoring a submission to the IMO.

In addition, Committee Participants were requested to forward the draft proposal to their national administration for their consideration with regards to seeking their intention to sponsor.

  • A minor revision of the Recommendation V-103 on Standards on Training and Certification of VTS Personnel to reflect the introduction of the new IALA Model Course V-103/5, and other minor amendments, pending a full review of the Recommendation in the 2018-2022 Work Programme.

A review of the 2014-2018 Work Programme highlighted that approximately 50% of the 21 Tasks have been completed to date.

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