E-Bulletin June 2024

WWA Mission in Gambia

A technical needs assessment mission to the Republic of Gambia (RoG) was conducted by the Capacity Building and Resources Manager of the Academy, Mrs. Gerardine Delanoye, from 15 to 24 May. The purpose of the mission was to assess the delivery of AtoN services in the waters of the RoG and to provide appropriate advice on possible improvements to that service including practical, managerial, budgetary, manpower and organisational aspects.  A number of observations were made, and several technical issues and improvement opportunities were identified. The recommendations in the report are structured under the 7 IALA Standards and will indicate to the RoG which are Normative and which are Informative. IALA Standards help achieving the two IALA Goals and these form a framework, implementation of which by all coastal states will harmonize marine aids to navigation worldwide. On request Gambia River was part of the mission. Although beyond the scope of IALA several recommendations with regards to the AtoN provision at Gambia River where made. This was based on former work experience of the expert.  

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