Heritage Seminar

IALA, in cooperation with Marinha Do Brasil, Diretoria de Hidrografía e Navegação, Centro de Auxílios Navegação Almirante Moraes Rego, will be organizing the 4th Heritage Seminar, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 27 and 28 May, prior to the 20th IALA Conference. The Seminar will take place over one and a half days and will include technical presentations on various relevant aspects related to lighthouse heritage and culture. There will be a technical visit to “Santa Cruz” Lighthouse, which is located on “Santa Cruz” Fortress – a historic monument that guards the entrance to Guanabara Bay.

The seminar objetives to share information on Lightouse heritage best practices to all IALA members, maritime authorities, marine Aids to Navigation service providers, universities, scientific bodies as well as to other consultants and AtoN stakeholders.

The distance from the Conference venue to “Santa Cruz” Lighthouse is 55km and it is one hour bus trip to get there.

The Lighthouse of Santa Cruz was established in 1839, inside the Fortress of Santa Cruz da Barra, which is a unique historic site in Brazil, with foundation stone putted in the year 1555 and walls built with stones cut and laid by hand, in an area of more than 7 thousand square meters.

In the fortress there is a collection composed of 45 cannons from the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as a chapel dating from 1612, with an image of Santa Bárbara from the 18th century.

Its location is privileged, limiting the entrance channel of Guanabara Bay to the East, which provides a view of the two main cities that border Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, as well as the external and internal part of the bay and the “Sugar Loaf” straight ahead, on the other side of the narrow canal.

The 4th IALA Heritage Seminar aims to promote:

 An understanding that heritage and culture are themselves a vital ingredient of sustainability;

 Increases interest in the heritage issues dealt with within the ENG committee;

 Sharing of knowledge and best practices;

 Lessons identified from international experiences;

 Recognition that the significance of historical lighthouses extends beyond their navigational and architectural value and encompasses maritime culture, history, social history and environmental aspects (as set out in the Incheon Convention);

 Recognition that there is great value in documenting, researching, interpreting, and opening up heritage lighthouses for the benefit and inspiration of future generations; and

 Provide assistance for developing nations through education, training, technology and capacity building.

Please register as soon as possible here https://iala-brazil2023.rio.br/register_conference