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E-Navigation Underway (North America) 2014

April 3-4, 2014

California Maritime Academy

Vallejo, CA

Developing the Maritime Environment

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e-Navigation and the Future / Welcome to Cal Maritime Captain Sam Pecota / RADM Thomas A. Cropper Video
e-Navigation 101 Dr. Lee Alexander Video
IMO Update Mr. John Erik Hagen Video
U.S. e-Navigation Planning Mr. J. Michael Sollosi Video
National Ocean Policy & Regional Marine Planning: West Coast Update Mr. John Hansen same as above
Canadian e-Navigation Planning Mr. Daniel Breton Video
e-Navigation Implementation Strategy of the Korean Government Mr. An Kwang Video
Moderated Panel Discussion Video
Introduction to Session / Management in Crowded Waterways Mr. David Patraiko / Captain Douglas Grubbs Video
San Francisco Bay: an E-Navigation Prototype Laboratory CDR Jason Tama Video
ACCSEAS: The Future of e-Navigation in the North Sea Region Mr. Alwyn Williams Video
Mona Lisa 2.0 – Sea Traffic Management Captain Ulf Svedberg Video
Administrative Announcements  Captain Sam Pecota Video
Introduction to Session  Dr. Lee Alexander Video
 Human Perceptions  Dr. Margareta Lützhöft Same as above
Situational Centric Displays – Increased Information through HDC Displays  Mr. Michael Bergmann Video
Moving Forward with e-Navigation – RTCM’s View  Captain Joseph F. Ryan Video
 Display Options for Head-Up Information  Dr. Eric Holder Video
Introduction to Session Captain Steven Browne Video
Cadet View of e-Navigation Cadet Madeleine Wolczko Video
Preparing for e-Navigation: Changing the Teaching Paradigm Dr. Steve Price Video
Making e-Commanders out of e-Navigators RADM Nigel Greenwood Video
The e-Navigation System: How Much Does the Mariner Need to Know? Captain Yashwant Chhabra Video
Moderated Panel Video 
Introduction to Session Captain William Burns Video
e-Navigation Infrastructure: Communications and the Maritime Cloud  Mr. David Andersen Camre Same as above
Making Everything Work Together – Building the Maritime Internet of Things  Mr. Geir Fagerhus Video
Software Quality Assurance Guidelines for e-Navigation Systems  Dr. Seojeong Lee Video
A German e-Navigation Testbed: Putting IMO Solution S-4 to the Test  Mr. Florian Motz Video
GPS/GNSS Backup with Automatic Radar Positioning  Mr. Helmut Lanziner Video andVideo
Simulated Procedure for Sea Watch Service as an e-Navigation Application  Mr. Reinhard Mueller Video
Moderated Panel Discussion Video
Introduction to Session Captain Scott Powell Video
Over-reliance on e-Navigation and Case Studies from Investigations  Mr. Ralph Bruni Same as above
Situational Awareness: Requisite for e-Navigation  Dr. Michael Hertz Video
AIS Class E – Supporting the Recreational Boating Community over Wireless Internet  Mr. Charles Benton Video
Moderated Panel Discussion
Thursday Night Dinner Mr. Michael Carthew Video
Coastal State Involvement in Waterway Management Captain Thomas M. Cullen, Jr. Video
e-Navigation and Risk Management: The Insurance Industry Perspective  Captain Jorge Pecci Video
Wrap up and Communique Video


Conference goals

The maritime information environment that e-Navigation will develop is not widely understood.  To encourage greater understanding, stimulate thought about e-Navigation’s application to North American needs and promote the identification of specific actions to implement e-Navigation the Conference will:

  • Provide a summary of international and national governmental developments and plans.
  • Provide information about ongoing e-Navigation initiatives and test bed activities, to stimulate thought about their applicability to North American issues.
  • Explore specific areas affecting e-Navigation to identify steps which should be taken to insure the system can function effectively.
  • Formulate specific recommendations regarding the implementation and development of e-Navigation

Host Institution

The California Maritime Academy, one of 23 campuses in the California State University system, is hosting e-Navigation underway (North America) as the first of many planned future regional editions in this conference series located throughout the world.


This series of conferences is jointly organized by the Danish Maritime Authority and IALA.