Topical matters

S-200 Data Modelling

IALA is responsible for managing the S-200 domain and creating product specifications for the GI registry. This range, which spans from S-201 to S-299, is compliant with the IHO S-100 standard and covers various areas within IALA’s scope, such as Aids to Navigation (AtoN), Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), positioning systems, and communication systems.

IALA has collaborated closely with IHO and other organizations to establish product specifications in its respective areas of responsibility, particularly in AtoNs and VTS. To oversee this domain, IALA has created a supervisory structure, as outlined in IALA Guideline G1087, and has been granted the numbering series S-201 to S-299 through IHO approval.

The IALA ARM Committee is responsible for managing this work, and IALA Guideline G1106 outlines the process for developing S-200 product specifications, which have been updated based on previous experiences. Some of the product specifications are currently available for the test and validation process.

PS No.TitleDeveloperTask leaderStatusEdition
S-201Aids to Navigation InformationKRISO/CCG for ARM WG2

Sewoong OH

Draft Completed for review1.1.0
S-210Inter VTS Exchange FormatVTS WG2R HoogendoornUnder development 0.0.1
S-211Port Call MessagesIPCDMCM BergmannDraft Completed for review1.0.0
S-212VTS digital information serviceVTS WG2Wim SmetsUnder development0.6.3
S-230Application Specific MessagesENAV WG1

P Hooijmans

S-240DGNSS Station AlmanacKorea MOF, KRISO for ENG


Completed for review1.0.0
S-245eLoran ASF DataKRISO for ENGP WilliamsUnder development1.0.0
S-246eLoran Station AlmanacKRISO for ENGP WilliamsUnder development 1.0.0
S-247Differential eLoran Reference Station AlmanacKRISO for ENGP WilliamsUnder development