Topical matters

Risk analysis and management


The IALA Risk Management Summary (IRMAS) has been designed as a standardized approach to document the process of risk assessment undertaken for small scale applications (e.g., change of specification for an individual Marine Aid to Navigation, reaction to change in bathymetry, wreck, etc.).

The IRMAS form:

  • provides an auditable record of completed risk assessments and decisions made by an organization; and
  • informs the decision on risk mitigation measures required for small scale risk assessments.

One section of IRMAS is reserved for the One Page Risk Assessment (OPRA). For the most simple examples of a SIRA, operational assessment of risk could be undertaken using OPRA. In more complex situations, the findings of a more detailed study, supported by a full SIRA and/or other IALA risk management tools, can be recorded in the standardized IRMAS form together with a reference to the full study reports and outputs.

IRMAS – Blank form