World Marine Aids to Navigation Day 2019 Preparation

IALA members are encouraged to submit their proposals for the theme 2019 to the secretariat at before November 1st 2018.

The objectives of the World Marine AtoN Day are the following:

  • To promote greater awareness of IALA by bringing to the attention of the wider public the role of IALA and the significance of its technical work in enhancing the safety of navigation world-wide.
  • To improve the society’s perception of AtoN as modern, technologically advanced marine aids which, alongside traditional lighthouses, embrace the latest digital developments and support new developments in all fields, including VTS.

For more information, please download the letter addressed to members here.

Pour plus d’information, merci de télécharger la lettre adressée aux membres ici.

Para más información, descargue la carta aquí.

The IALA Secretariat is looking forward to receiving your input!