E-Bulletin June 2024

IALA’s work in EfficienSea2

Dr Nick Ward, Director of Research, General Lighthouse Authorities of the United Kingdom and Ireland, has kindly provided this update in his capacity as IALA Project Manager for EfficienSea2

EfficienSea2 is a European Union-funded “Horizon 2020” project led by the Danish Maritime Authority, with 32 partners, including IALA. The purpose of the project is to enhance safety of navigation and increase efficiency at sea, by developing e-navigation services, the Maritime Cloud and communications, in particular the VHF Data Exchange System (VDES).

IALA leads Task 1.2 (Project/Test Bed Liaison) and Task 1.3 (Standardization) in EfficienSea2 Work Package 1 (WP 1) and also contributes to WP 2 (Communications – VDES) and WP 3 (Maritime Cloud).

IALA is playing an active role in EfficienSea2, maintaining an overview of testbeds and standards while engaging a team of consultants working closely with the IALA e-Navigation Committee (ENAV) to develop e-navigation services, technology and documentation for VDES and to promote and develop the Maritime Cloud as the logical communications structure for e-navigation.

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