E-bulletin Archive: 2019

VTS46 and Workshop on VTS Voice Communication

…personnel for continual professional development in VTS phraseology. Training of language and VTS voice communication differs widely amongst training organizations which may lead to inconsistent delivery of VTS. To ensure…

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Message du secrétaire général

La perspective de la conférence diplomatique pour l’adoption du projet de convention qui se tiendra début 2020 marque une étape importante pour la transition de l’Association vers le statut d’organisation […]

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Message from the Secretary-General

The prospect of the Diplomatic Conference to adopt the draft Convention taking place in early 2020 marks a defining step towards the Association’s transition to Intergovernmental Organization status. More information […]

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L’AISM en route pour son changement de statut

La conférence diplomatique pour l’adoption officielle de la convention qui gouvernera l’AISM en tant qu’organisation inter-gouvernementale aura lieu en 2020 et sera accueillie par le gouvernement malaysien. Lors de la […]

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68th session of the IALA Council

The 68th session of the IALA Council was held at IALA Headquarters from 11 to 14 December 2018. After wishing a warm welcome to all those present the Secretary-General explained […]

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Master of AtoN Management Course

The first Master of AtoN Management course was delivered by the Academy in IALA Headquarters from 3 to 7 December 2018, the week before Council 68. The 15 participants came […]

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China MSA Level 1 Course

The fourth China MSA Level 1 AtoN manager course was delivered from 9th October to 1st November 2018 using expert lecturers including the Vice Dean and ten Chinese IALA World-Wide […]

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IALA says fond farewell

IALA staff said a fond farewell to four great colleagues who left in December upon the termination of their limited-term consultancy contracts. The Secretary-General hosted a convivial evening with a […]

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