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Webinar on revised VTS Model Courses

This webinar was aimed at showing guidance on the newly revised VTS model courses.

  • C0103-1 VTS Operator Training
  • C0103-3 VTS On-the-Job Training

The webinar was held Friday 3 March 2023 at 09:00 UTC

Download webinar PPT presentation


Monica Sundklev, Senior advisor at the Swedish Transport Agency, chair of the VTS committee
Stefaan Priem, Stefaan studied international politics prior to setting his first steps in shipping and logistics in the port of Zeebrugge. He has been involved with VTS, VTS training and SAR training in Belgium since 2007 working for the Belgian Maritime and Coastal Services. In 2012 he joined IALA’s VTS Committee as a member of WG3 Training. Since 2019 he is the vice chair of WG3 and participated in several IALA meetings, both physical as well as digital.
Focus on C0103-3 VTS On-the-job training
Jillian Carson-Jackson, Jillian started her maritime career as a navigation officer cadet in 1983 and has experience both afloat and ashore.  A transplanted Canadian, she is now living in Australia after working with IALA for 4 years in France.   Jillian is passionate about training and about VTS – at the IALA VTS Symposium in Rotterdam in 1996 she challenged IALA to develop an internationally accepted, standard approach to VTS training. IALA accepted the challenge. In the following years she had the honour of working with the IALA Ad Hoc Committee on VTS Training and then the IALA VTS Committee on the recommendation, guidelines and model courses related to the training and certification of VTS Personnel.  She is currently the chair of the Personnel and Training working group (WG3) of the IALA VTS Committee. 
C0103-1 Operator training; and key transition points for the new model courses, next steps for the review (C0103-2, etc)