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World Marine AtoN Day

In celebration of the World Marine Aids to Navigation Day 2020, please find below the photos of AtoN shared by our members!

Almarin Guia Buoy, Guadalquivir river, Seville, Spain.

Go Deep Internationa Inc. BCIP painting of buoys in channel, Canada.

Spanish beacon “ARANDO GRANDE”. It is located in the North of Spain, near the French border (1º 55,676’ W / 43º 20,148’ N). The author is “RAMÓN BERMÚDEZ”, who works as an AtoN technician for the “PASAIA Port Authority.

On the 1st of July, with the collaboration of Port Authorities throughout the country, many lighthouses and fog signals will be operating at noon through Spain. Besides, Puertos del Estado published a “WAtoN Day video” :

PT Kemenangan – PE Buoy Merah Putih, Jakarta, Indonesia.

MSM, Spain.

JFC Group, Ireland.

Andros Lighthouse, Greece.


Orga BV, The Netherlands.

Shiriyazaki Lighthouse, Japan.

Japan has established a dedicated twitter page with a virtual exhibition of world beautiful lighthouses for the celebration of World Marine AtoN Day 2020:

Sealite Video for the WATONDAY: 

Argentina Programme for the virtual event

Alleppey Lighthouse, Kerala, India (photo sent by Naveen Chand).


Wartsila, Cape Frehel Lighthouse, France.

Pavilosta, Hydrographic Service Maritime Administration of Latvia.

Lagos, Nigeria

Long Chau Lighthouse, Vietnam Maritime Safety – North.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Buxton, North Carolina, USA. (from American Pilots’ Association)

Directorate General of Coastal Safety of the Turkish Republic Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

The main event of the WATON Day 2020 at the Congress Scientific-Research Center for Control and Exploration of the Black Sea in Burgas, Bulgaria is postponed.