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ID Title Last revised date Format
G1027 G1027 Simulation in VTS Training 31 January 2022 PDF: English
G1010 G1010 Racon Range Performance 17 June 2005 PDF: English
G1112 G1112 Performance and Monitoring of DGNSS Services in the Frequency Band 283.5-325kHz 29 May 2015 PDF: English
G1060 G1060 Recapitalisation of DGNSS 24 June 2011 PDF: English
G1053 G1053 Submission of a DGNSS Service for Recognition as a component of the IMO WWRNS 30 November 2006 PDF: English
G1016 G1016 Bilateral agreements and inter-agency memorandums of understanding on the provision of DGNSS services in the frequency band 283.5 – 325 kHz 13 June 2001 PDF: English
G1085 G1085 Standard Format for Electronic Exchange of AtoN Product Information 22 June 2012 PDF: English
G1054 G1054 Preparing for a Voluntary IMO Audit on Aids to Navigation Service Delivery 17 December 2021 PDF: English
G1093 G1093 Management of Surplus Property 07 December 2012 PDF: English
G1074 G1074 Branding and Marketing of Historic Lighthouses 09 December 2009 PDF: English
G1052:es G1052 Sistemas de gestión de calidad para la provisión de AtoNs 01 December 2006 PDF: Spanish
G1079 G1079 Establishing and Conducting User Consultancy by Aids to Navigation Authorities 09 December 2009 PDF: English
G1092 G1092 Safety Management for AtoN Activities 15 December 2017 PDF: English
G1005 G1005 Contracting out Aids to Navigation Services 07 December 2005 PDF: English
G1080 G1080 Selection and Display of heritage Artefacts 01 December 2011 PDF: English
G1075 G1075 Business Plan for the complementary use of a Historic Lighthouse 09 December 2009 PDF: English