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ID Title Last revised date Format
G1033 G1033 Provision of aids to navigation for different classes of vessels, including high speed craft 12 December 2003 PDF: English
G1018 G1018 Risk Management 03 June 2022 PDF: English
G1067-0 G1067-0 Selection of Power Systems for AtoN and Associated Equipment 15 December 2017 PDF: English
G1067-1 G1067-1 Total Electrical Loads of AtoN 15 December 2017 PDF: English
G1067-2 G1067-2 Power Sources 15 December 2017 PDF: English
G1039 G1039 Designing Solar Power Systems for AtoN (note – associated Excel file is G1039-1 and handbook is G1039-2) 15 December 2017 PDF: English
G1067-3 G1067-3 Electrical Energy Storage for AtoN 14 December 2018 PDF: English
G1012 G1012 Protection of Lighthouses and other Aids to Navigation against Damage from Lightning 02 May 2013 PDF: English
G1109 G1109 Theft and Vandalism Deterrents 09 December 2013 PDF: English
G1091 G1091 Bird Deterrents and Bird Fouling Solutions 21 June 2019 PDF: English
G1077 G1077 Maintenance of Aids to Navigation 09 December 2009 PDF: English
G1036 G1036 – Environmental Management in Aids to Navigation 16 June 2017 PDF: English
G1073 G1073 Conspicuity of AtoN Signal Lights at Night 15 December 2017 PDF: English
G1043 G1043 Light Sources used in Visual Aids to Navigation 09 December 2011 PDF: English
G1049 G1049 Use of Modern Light Sources in Traditional Lighthouse Optics 06 December 2007 PDF: English
G1038 G1038 Methods and ambient light levels for the activation of AtoN lights 16 December 2016 PDF: English