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vts41 14 report vts41 final

...49 VTS41-10.5.5 10.5 (VTS40-12.2.12) WG3 Authenticity, validation and security of certification 50 VTS41-11.1 11 (VTS40-11.3) vts40-update_work_programme 51 VTS41-11.2 11 (VTS40-11.2) Update – 2014-18 work programme task register update VTS39 (Rev1)... [ Read more ]


Calendar - VTS

...January 2024 Wed 17 17 January , 2024 @ 09:00 - 10:30 UTC+0 VTS Intersessional Task 3.8.7b-Revision of C0103-4 VTS WG3 Plenary Meetings Continue the review of C0103-4 - VTS... [ Read more ]


VTS49 Calendar

...passed – Task Group on Review and update Guideline 1017 on Assessment of Training Requirements for Existing VTS Personnel, Candidate VTS Operators, Revalidation of VTS Operator Certificates (task 3.3.2) 29... [ Read more ]


VTS Dashboard

News – bulletin board Welcome to VTS54! Dear VTS54 participant, Thank you very much for registering for VTS54. IALA is looking forward to welcoming the majority of you all to... [ Read more ]


Documents for approval - VTS

...Attachment – Discussion paper – Implications of MASS from a VTS Perspective 26/09/22 14:00 UTC Approved Note to C76 on Future VTS 26/09/22 14:00 UTC Approved Attachment – Future VTS... [ Read more ]


Action Plan

...Clevett VTS WG1 Meeting room 4 1.8.4 Develop a guideline on quality management system for VTS First session Trond Ski/Els Bogaert VTS WG1 Meeting room 5 1.9.1 Consider relevant VTS... [ Read more ]


VTS49 Action Plan

...[and ergonomics] in VTS Invited HF experts to participate at VTS49 Jillian Carson-Jackson 22 Sept 2020, 1000 UTC 1, 2 3.2.1 Develop Guideline on the management of a VTS... [ Read more ]



...The advantages are obvious. The agreed solution reduces costs and stimulates teamwork between the VTS ‘Fehmarn Belt’ and the adjacent VTS-sectors of the VTS Travemünde. A Danish / German administration... [ Read more ]


Webinar on revised VTS Model Courses

Webinar on revised VTS Model Courses This webinar was aimed at showing guidance on the newly revised VTS model courses. C0103-1 VTS Operator Training C0103-3 VTS On-the-Job Training The webinar... [ Read more ]



...mainly organized according to five IALA Standards, as follows: STANDARD 1040 VESSEL TRAFFIC SERVICES Scope: VTS implementation VTS operations VTS communications VTS auditing and assessing VTS data and information management... [ Read more ]


VTS46 and Workshop on VTS Voice Communication

...personnel for continual professional development in VTS phraseology. Training of language and VTS voice communication differs widely amongst training organizations which may lead to inconsistent delivery of VTS. To ensure... [ Read more ]


Accredidation of training organizations

...Process for VTS training Recommendation R0149 recommends that: Authorities made responsible, in whole or in part, by the Government, for VTS or AtoN should consider accrediting and approving VTS and... [ Read more ]