Topical matters

Planning and Reporting of Testbeds in the Maritime Domain


  • Location of testbed: Baltic Sea & Arctic Regions
  • Time and duration of testbed: 2015-2018
  • Status (planned, completed or on-going): Ongoing
  • Contact person(s):
  • Testbed website:
  • Organisation(s) involved: DMA as lead joined by 31 partners from 12 different countries
  • Funding programme and budget: EU Horizon 2020


EfficienSea2 creates and implements innovative and smart solutions for efficient, safe and sustainable traffic at sea through improved connectivity for ships. EfficienSea2 is a demonstrator in the Arctic and Baltic Sea and the first generation of a coherent e-Navigation solution. Through global collaboration, use of open-source software and an explicit aim for standardised solutions, we will pave the way for a global roll-out of e-Navigation through the development of the Maritime Cloud.

IALA’s work in EfficienSea2 by Nick Ward

European project concludes three years of Maritime Digitalisation

Documents of interest:

Testbeds Summary

Standards Summary (Summary list of standards documents related to EfficienSea 2) 

Draft IALA Guideline on e-Navigation Technical Services Documentation

EfficienSea2 – Concept and specification for seamless roaming

EfficienSea2 – Development of a new common port database concept and structure

EfficienSea2 – Project Presentation

EfficienSea2 – Report on available technologies and sensors for monitoring SOx emissions

IALA Input paper – Maritime Cloud conceptual model

Maritime Cloud – Recommended on board network Architecture

Service Design Description Template

Service Instance Description Template

Service Specification Template

Report on external ongoing projects and testbeds

Report on ongoing standardisation work

Recommandation on governance and future perspectives for solutions

Strategy for future digital communications

Report on future digital communications

Report on review of IALA documentation related to VHF Data Exchange System

Draft IEC technical specification for VDES 2017 

IALA Navguide VDES text

Project summary report – VDES channel model

Presentation on VDES satellite test results to ENAV20 WG3

Review on VDES terresterial test results – ENAV WG3 intersessional Cape Town

Review of IALA Website – VDES and related pages

MCP Standardisation Plan

Efficiensea2 Information Plan to promote VDES

Introduction to VDES presentation

Briefing notes on VDES – ITU Delegates – WP5B Nov – 2017

Breifing notes on VDES – ITU Delegates – WP5B May – 2018

Training sequence for VDES communications synchronisation

VDES training sequence evaluation Arunas

VDES training sequence evaluation update ENAV21

Training sequence study VDES evaluation code Arunas

Report on VDES information plan implementation

Report Efficiensea2 MCP workshop 2017

MCP – VDES inter-operability report

VDES – MCP Integration presentation for IALA ENAV WG3 intersessional Jan 2018

Final Report on IALA work

Report Efficiensea2 MCP workshop 2017