Topical matters

Planning and Reporting of Testbeds in the Maritime Domain

Submitting Organization: Sternula ApS, Aalborg, Denmark

Name of the testbed: MARIOT

Founded by: Innovation fund, Danmark (find logos here: )


Brief Description (PP Pres or 1-2 page info paper)

  • demonstration of distribution of MCP services through the cube satellite MARIOT-1, using VDE-SAT between satellite and ships in danish arctic waters,
  • testing secure VDE-SAT by use of the Navelink MIR and MSR combined with S-100 document signing/encryption techniques

Functional Capabilities  (types of data à information content)

  • worldwide satellite distribution of MCP services through S-100 documents for broadcast and point to point messages using a MCP component on the ship and following MCP services at land:
    • weather on route (Danish Meteorological Institute)
    • ice border maps (Danish Meteorological Institute)
    • weather bulletin (Danish Meteorological Institute)
    • position & observation reporting (Danish Meteorological Institute)

Intended Purpose (including benefits)

  • demonstrating VDE-SAT readiness to integrate ship and services using established standards
    • services (MCP)
    • transport (VDE-SAT & MCP:MMS)
    • data exchange (S-100)
    • security (MCP & Navelink)
  • integration on ships
  • using standards that are established or under establishment
  • using glue logic that is well defined and to-be-soon supported by standard ship equipment like:
    • S-100 documents (ECDIS producers)
    • VDE-SAT (AIS producers will support VDES from 2021 on using the standard AIS antenna that all ships have today)
    • MCP services (Navelink has established a fully secured environment for the key Maritime Connectivity Platform components to be seriously used by the maritime authorities and industry)

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