Topical matters

Planning and Reporting of Testbeds in the Maritime Domain

IALA Testbeds Guideline

G1107 Ed3.0 Planning and reporting testbeds on the maritime domain (Click to download)

Template for posting information

Make sure the following minimum information is present:

1. Submitting Organization

2. Point-of-Contact

  • name
  • e-mail address

3. Brief Description (PP Pres or 1-2 page info paper)

  • Display type (such as RADAR, ECDIS, ECS or Head-up display)

4. Functional Capabilities  (types of data à information content)

5. Intended Purpose (including benefits)

6. Portrayal examples (means or methods of portrayal)

  • good examples
  • lessons-learned
  • some concerns

7. Last edited (date)

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